How to Choose a Rehab Facility

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The success of recovery for you or a loved one is crucial. Many rehab centers exist to help treat specific kinds of intoxicants or to focus on different "methods." Understanding the options and the depth of each treatment on offer will help determine which program will be the most beneficial.

Because so much weighs on the support received from treatment centers, you need to find out which facilities will meet your needs. At S2L Recovery, we're not just helping others lead an addiction-free life; we were addicts as well. We understand how important it is to find a program and facility that will support you throughout your journey. We've put together these recommendations help you in your research.

Looking for a Rehab Facility

Know their definition of “success.”

Each facility has a different mission. When you're searching for a rehab center, you want to ensure their goals align with yours, especially when it comes to identifying success. Some facilities consider treatment "over" after the program. Others want you to continue attending regular meetings. Understand the scope and expectations of the program before enrolling to determine if their definition of success is righteous.

Investigate all program options.

Accessing as much information as you can about the facility’s programs can help identify which one will help you or a loved one lead an addiction-free life. Well-known addiction recovery programs are typically science-based, spiritual-based, and faith-based. Each one provides a unique approach to obtaining sobriety. At S2L Recovery, we offer a Non-12 Step program designed to prioritize growth, healing, and identifying who we are in Him.

Participants receive individual attention.

Group sessions are notorious for supporting others as they overcome addiction. Studies were conducted and found attending group sessions and relying on mutual support while obtaining sobriety reduced the need for intoxicants. However, not everyone moves at the same pace. Every participant is going to find their journey to be different. Programs that allow men to move forward at their own pace helps them stay on their course. At S2L Recovery, we provide detailed evaluations to determine whether or not each man is ready to advance to the next phase of his journey.

The program has established faith in God.

When an addict is ready to start their new journey, the addiction center should offer a program with lasting benefits that impact the participants emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Faith-based rehab programs are statistically better at helping addicts live a life without the need of intoxicants. Faith in God is a powerful force that helps in healing. By focusing on the will of God, addicts are guided into sobriety with higher rates of long-term sobriety.

Participants are offered life skills.

The first three months after leaving rehab is crucial. Facilities that offer assistance as participants transition from rehab back into their life make a lasting impact. Learning a new normal is taxing. Reintegrating back into society requires support. Find out if your facility offers 24/7 support services for not just the participants, but their families as well. Additionally, ask if they teach participants to believe in their sobriety and the changes they've made. Just because you were an addict once, doesn't mean you will be an addict forever.

The facility is a nonprofit.

Working with nonprofits fair better for attendees. They rely on donations and grants, which means the program is reviewed annually. Rest assured that enough people have seen the program and approved the treatment. Nonprofits are often more affordable than other organizations. Because they don't have to hike up their rates, it gives more people access to their treatment.

You can speak to past participants.

The success of the program can be identified through those who have lived it. Do your due diligence and ask for testimonials or whether or not you can speak with any of the men who have taken the program. A telltale sign of prosperity will be past participants who join the faculty or staff. It means that not only was the treatment helpful but valuable. So much so, they decided to stay to carry on their mission and share in their good faith.

Faith-Based Rehab with S2L Recovery

S2L Recovery's CEO, Adam Comer, says, “truly, I’ve been set free from the grips of addiction. My passions, pursuits, and purpose revolve around the belief that all who are weary from life-controlling issues and addiction can be led to true freedom through Christ”.

Many of our coaches at S2L understand the anguish of living with addiction and share in our passion for helping others. We are a Christian-based rehab center that focuses on sharing the word of God and assisting others to connect in the strength of His word. For more information about our programs, facility, and recovery coaches, visit our website.

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