Addiction Recovery Made Possible Through a Christian Curriculum

Addiction can seem endless. Those who are struggling with addiction often can’t imagine a way out of the darkness and envision themselves living within it for the rest of their lives. This often leads to a hopelessness that makes it even more difficult to turn your life around.

The good news is that this isn’t true. There can be an end to addiction. Those who are struggling can find their way out of the darkness and have the life they dream about. But it’s not going to be easy. This is a long road that takes dedication and commitment. Many people have found their way out of a cycle of addiction, and so can you.

The assistance of a Christian addiction recovery curriculum aids a person struggling with addiction to acclimate themselves to a life of freedom. Here’s how it can help.

Beyond the Physical

There are a lot of aspects of an addiction to drugs and alcohol. A lot of addiction recovery programs target the physical aspects of addiction. Medication-assisted treatment aims to treat a person struggling with addiction by giving them other drugs to ease their bodies through the withdrawal phase. However, this is only one aspect of healing.

People often use drugs and alcohol to cover up a problem with their mind and spirit. This can only be addressed through the teachings of the Bible. S2L Recovery teaches a Christian addiction recovery curriculum based on 7 principles found in the Bible. These principles address all aspects at the root of a person struggling with addiction.

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An Ongoing Plan

Treatments end. And once a person completes a traditional treatment program they are thrown back into their lives without the necessary tools to navigate their new viewpoint. A Christian addiction recovery curriculum consists of teachings that will follow the service recipient (SR) for the rest of their life.

The lessons they learn will help them live a life of Freedom. Freedom from an addiction to drugs and alcohol leaves a person with a vacuum of free time. How are they going to use it? The presence of Christ in their life will give them a reason to focus and provide them with a lifetime of lessons to study.

Never-ending Support

The fellow SR’s and counselors provide a person struggling with an addiction a reliable support system throughout their treatment. But what happens once the treatment is over? This system of support often dries up, leaving the SR to fend for themselves.

This is a major point of difference between a Christ centered recovery program and a traditional recovery program. Those who attend treatment with organizations like S2L Recovery aren’t left with this absence of support. The teachings of the Bible and continued faith in God means they are never alone in their fight.

A New Life

The goal of any addiction recovery is to come out the other side clean, happy, and healthy. A Christian addiction recovery curriculum will go deeper than that and draw people out of their life of darkness and into the light. The teachings of the Bible provide a road map to a life that once seemed impossible.

The 7 Principles Curriculum addresses those things inside you that might not have had your attention in the past. And it will be much easier to move into your new life without reverting to the way things were before when you have these useful tools, perspectives, and teachings.

Proven Results

S2L Recovery is one of the few State-Licensed Christ Centered recovery facilities. This was achieved by combining their Christ centered drug and alcohol recovery program with the clinical and medical world. This gives S2L Recovery a well-rounded view on addiction recovery and allows us to provide a service that you can’t find anywhere else.

And even more than that, S2L Recovery has earned The Joint Commission’s Gold Seal of Approval® for Behavioral Health Accreditation. This comes in recognition of our strict adherence to high-quality performance standards.

Our Christian addiction recovery curriculum has received certification because it works. We’ve helped numerous individuals that at one time struggled with an addiction to walk in FREEDOM.

Unique and Helpful Treatment

There is a life after addiction. You don’t have to struggle with these tendencies and desires for the rest of your life. The darkness of addiction can be overtaken by the light of Christ through a Christian addiction recovery curriculum.

S2L Recovery can offer this to you. We’ve helped many people to realign their wants, needs, and goals to a point where they emerge a stronger and healthier person. Our 7 Principles Curriculum can show you the way to the light through the teachings of the Living Word.

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