A Christ Centered Recovery Program Offers Complete Treatment

A Christ centered recovery program offers its students everything they need to succeed in their pursuit of a healthy life of freedom. Most recovery programs will make a claim like that, but they’re not operating with a full toolbox if they don’t hold Christ in the center of their approach.

The truth is that all things come from His teachings. Freedom from bondage is just another one of His many gifts.

But that doesn’t mean the road isn’t going to be long and occasionally difficult. And that’s where the support system inherent in a Christ centered recovery program comes in.

S2L Recovery offers an approach to cleaning up your life that is free from judgement so you can be free from addiction.

Our program is a little different because we address every aspect of the person struggling with addiction — the physical, the mental, and the spiritual.

Here’s how a Christ centered recovery program offers a truly complete treatment.

Address Underlying Issues

Addiction doesn’t often have a direct cause-and-effect relationship to the person struggling with addiction. There are a variety of factors that lead a person down this destructive path. And all of these factors are going to need to be addressed during treatment in order to find a way out the other side.

A Christ centered recovery program goes beyond nursing a person through withdrawals and explaining how their actions affect their family. Our spiritual core needs to be addressed, as well. And a program like the one you’ll find at S2L Recovery does that.

Provide Support Through Transitions

Humans have an amazing ability to adapt to their situations. We can find ourselves in terrible conditions and convince ourselves that it’s manageable. And while this is an interesting human trait, it doesn’t always provide the best results.

Making sweeping changes to our lifestyles can be difficult. It’s uncomfortable. But proper support can make these transitions much easier, and even enjoyable. The love of Christ and the guidance of the professionals at S2L Recovery can help you welcome a healthier and happier life no matter how intimidating the transition might seem.

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Empathetic Care Without Judgement

One of Christ’s greatest teachings is forgiveness. This applies to us forgiving ourselves for our past mistakes, as well as forgiving others. People have the ability to grow, change, and become what God has called them to be. However, they’re aren’t going to do this if they can’t let go of what happened before.

Christ’s forgiveness extends to people struggling with addiction, as well. And when you make the decision to leave that life behind, the judgement that you might expect won’t be found in a Christ centered recovery program.

Continued Support

The initial visit to a drug and alcohol rehab facility is made because starting a new life of sobriety often requires assistance. But that doesn’t mean you won’t face challenges when you leave. The support of your peers and your counselors doesn’t necessarily stop as soon as you walk out of the door, but there will be times when you are alone.

Unless, that is, you have the love of Christ within you. This support goes until the end of time and will help you through any difficult decisions, transitions, or challenges.

Support for the Whole Family

Our counselors at S2L Recovery are available to answer any questions a family member or friend of a student might have about our approach or the process of the program. This can provide much-needed comfort to these crucial members of the person struggling with addiction’s recovery.

We understand that emotions run extremely high during these times. Unanswered questions can nag at the back of your mind until they are finally resolved. We work hard to make sure everyone has all the information they need to make informed decisions.

A Concrete Curriculum With Real Answers

S2L Recovery teaches the 7 Principles Curriculum to the students that visit our Christ centered recovery program. This provides a framework of seven principles found within the Bible that help a person struggling with addiction to live a life closer to Christ.

There are questions in this world that seem unanswerable. But the teachings of the Bible can provide unmatched insight.

Freedom From Addiction

Most addiction recovery programs will tell you that a person struggling with addiction will never truly win this battle. The addiction will always be there.

We don’t believe that at S2L Recovery. We believe there is a path out from under the clouds of addiction. When we say a Christ centered recovery program offers complete treatment, we are including the ending. And there can be an ending through the teachings and the power of Christ.

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