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Christian Drug and Alcohol Rehab, Tackling the Pandemic in a Pandemic

Did you know that the amount of monthly deaths due to overdose increased by 30% in 2020? For the past few years, many have referred to the drug problem in the United States as an epidemic, or even a pandemic. With that in mind, seeking a sober life alone can be difficult for individuals suffering from alcohol or drug addiction.

When service recipients (SR’s) suffering from addiction begin treatment at a Christian drug and alcohol rehab program, they receive the support and guidance they need to improve their lifestyles, keeping them from becoming a statistic. That’s what Pastor Adam Comer from S2L Recovery recently discussed on Fox 17 News in Nashville, Tennessee. On April 10, 2021, Fox 17 News Nashville interviewed Pastor Comer on the intensifying effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on the drug pandemic and American opioid crisis.

Here’s what Pastor Adam Comer (CEO of S2L Recovery) has to say about tackling the pandemic within a pandemic.

Tackling the Drug Pandemic in a COVID-19 World

For those suffering from addiction, one of the most difficult aspects of achieving long-term recovery is remaining strong despite everything life throws a recovering person’s way. Pastor Adam Comer touches on this during his Fox 17 Nashville interview as drug overdoses have increased during the COVID-19 pandemic. Lockdowns and COVID prevention restrictions led mass amounts of people to isolate themselves at home. For those in recovery as well as those still in active addiction, recovery was more difficult than ever.

For most people, tackling addiction can seem to be an impossible task. This is why Christian alcohol and drug rehab programs are so beneficial. Pastor Comer discusses how the right support during the journey to recovery is crucial. A Christian rehab program can help those addicted, isolated individuals learn to overcome addiction and find belonging among a genuine, caring community of believers.

Sobriety and addiction recovery isn’t easy, especially in a lonely, atomized society. The isolation that many people felt only intensified during the COVID pandemic. Treatment and community are critical on the road to recovery.

Pastor Adam Comer touches on how coronavirus restrictions have negatively impacted those who are languishing in the drug and opioid epidemic. During his interview, Adam Comer explains to Fox 17 News Nashville how S2L Recovery approaches addiction recovery. Through love and the teachings of Christ, S2L Recovery works to help patients remain steadfast in their pursuit of a joyful life free of addiction. Long-term recovery allows formerly addicted men to become leaders of their families, churches, businesses, and communities. If a man aligns himself with God’s will, anything is possible!

To watch Pastor Adam Comer (CEO of S2L Recovery) discuss the intensifying drug pandemic in a country ravaged by the ramifications of COVID, watch this Fox 17 News Nashville video here.

“In our special series “Addicted”, Fox 17 News is investigating the pandemic within the pandemic for all of those suffering from addiction while battling isolation and anxiety for more than a year now. Fox 17 News Kathleen Jacob tonight, looking into this issue for months and showing us how one Tennessee recovery center is working now to reach millions.”

“You may recognize Adam Comer from other stories we’ve done on the opioid crisis. He’s pastor and CEO of S2L Recovery, a Christ-based addiction recovery center in rural Cannon County.”

“What we’re dealing with is deadly and if we shut our doors, we know people will die.”

“He’s not talking about COVID-19, but the pandemic within the pandemic that’s grown exponentially since the world shut down.”

“When we were in lockdown and were distancing from people and were trying to isolate things like that— that’s the enemy for addiction.”

“And it’s backed up by scientific research with almost double the amount of people needing mental health help since before the pandemic started. It’s something those in the recovery field saw coming.”

“There was a fear there even then when we didn’t realize how long this was gonna go, because I feel like people like you guys who see this on a daily basis just knew how bad or had an idea I guess of how bad this could become – a pandemic in itself.”

“I mean the projected numbers and the preliminary numbers are astronomical for 2020 – astronomical suicides, astronomical overdoses and alcohol poisonings. It’s skyrocketing, so the need during this pandemic for people to go get help was ever present.”

“It’s why S2L Recovery got out of their comfort zone, knowing they needed to reach more people.”

“During this pandemic, some things just started becoming very popular. You had The Last Dance, the Michael Jordan documentary, The Tiger King documentary, and all of a sudden all of these documentaries started becoming popular. So it started to make sense, so we became obedient, and entering that process.”

“Obedient to the call to produce the forgotten pandemic.”

“It doesn’t get the attention that it needs, and the amount of people who are so succumbing to it and death, or the families just being ripped apart because of it, and so we’re trying to put
a light on that, and offer hope in that.”

“Not just highlighting a problem, but also that there’s a solution and hope. Hoping to save lives from succumbing to this pandemic within a pandemic.”

A New Life Is Possible

Addiction can take over your life, but you can take life back. A relationship with Christ can be the difference between stumbling blindly through life and following a direct path toward the life God created you to live. You can break free from the chains of addiction!

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