Why You Should Choose a Non-Profit Rehab Center in Tennessee


Did you know that over 21 million Americans struggle with at least one addiction, and only 10% of them seek treatment? Tackling drug or alcohol addiction alone is very difficult, if not nearly impossible. For many, overcoming addiction appears to be an insurmountable task. However, with the right support and guidance, anyone can break free from the chains of addiction.

When you begin treatment at a non-profit rehab center in Tennessee, you can gain the knowledge, faith, and hope necessary to achieve long-term recovery. Our 7 Principles Curriculum at S2L Recovery has helped hundreds of individuals battle their addictions and come out on the other side victorious. If you’re curious about how a non-profit rehab center in Tennessee can help a person live a happy, healthy, and sober lifestyle in Christ, read on.

Here’s what you need to know about how a non profit rehab center in Tennessee can help you cope with addiction: 

  • Receive Support
  • Heal from Trauma
  • Build up Your Strength and Confidence Through Christ
  • Gain a New Perspective
  • Work on Personal Growth

Receive Support

Community is essential for happiness. Humans are designed to be social, and to support one another. Overcoming addiction alone is very difficult. This is where non-profit rehab centers in Tennessee come into play. A supportive treatment setting allows a person suffering from addiction to make genuine, like-minded friends, giving that person support and fellowship. Counselors will invest in you and continue to support you even after you graduate the program.

At some point every service recipient (SR) must return to life outside of the treatment center. It is here where graduating SR’s must incorporate the skills they learned in treatment. An SR learning how to walk in freedom from addiction might be tempted to return to their old friends and old habits. Without proper support, graduating SR’s may be tempted to find comfort and belonging in the wrong places. However, with support from our community and obedience to God’s will, temptation can be overcome.

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Heal from Trauma

Addiction of any kind affects every facet of a person’s life. For most, drug and alcohol addiction begins as an attempt to cope with painful experiences and emotions. Typically, there are various factors that lead a person to substance abuse. These addictions can form as the result of difficult experiences in childhood, adolescence, or adulthood.

A non-profit rehab center in Tennessee will address these underlying issues. At S2L Recovery, we use Christ’s teachings to equip our SR’s with wisdom and strength. We also provide professional counseling, medical supervision, and positive fellowship to help overcome the traumas of their pasts. Biblical education and involvement in a genuine, caring community of believers is beneficial for all, especially for those struggling with addiction. Learning about and leaning on Christ provides the skills and knowledge we need to face life’s difficulties with confidence.

Build Up Your Strength and Confidence Through Christ

God wants you to experience freedom. Obedience to God’s will brings about transformation. Attending a non-profit rehab center in Tennessee can give you the time and guidance you need to see yourself how Jesus sees you – beautiful, purposeful, wonderfully and fearfully created, loved, and invaluable.

At S2L Recovery, the teachings of our Christ-centered curriculum gives SR’s the tools needed to analyze how they interact with the world around them. We work to help SR’s remain steadfast in their pursuit of a healthy lifestyle. A non-profit rehab center in Tennessee can help addicted individuals focus on realistic end goals to help weather the difficult times. The word of Christ helps SR’s to build the strength and determination needed to live a life of freedom.

Gain a New Perspective

For those struggling with addiction, it can be very difficult to understand how our actions affect those around us. While addiction can negatively affect an individual, it also hurts those around us, including our loved ones. With the Christian principles taught in a non-profit rehab center in Tennessee, SR’s can learn how to see life in a new way. This allows for more thoughtful decision making and optimism.

A relationship with Christ can teach a recovering person how to view the big picture and to understand that actions and behaviors have a wide-reaching effect on the world, whether good or bad. Understanding this new perspective can push SR’s to make decisions in a new way, with a greater understanding and appreciation for their impact on the world.

Work on Personal Growth

Healing is essential for a person to flourish in recovery. A stay at a non-profit rehab center provides SR’s a supportive, safe environment to rediscover themselves. After finding comfort and strength through Christ, those in recovery will feel empowered to make radical changes in their lives boldly. During recovery, it’s incredibly helpful to shed our former selves so we can incorporate new desire’s and learn to live a healthier lifestyle.

The 7 Principles Curriculum at S2L Recovery shows SR’s how great a life of freedom can truly be. S2L’s curriculum helps SR’s realize and experience how exciting and rewarding a faith-centered life of freedom can be. A life free from addiction is full of potential. A relationship with Christ will cause former addicts to feel hope, and for their dreams to become reality.

A New Life Is Possible

Addiction can take over your life, but you can take it back. A relationship with Christ can be the difference between stumbling blindly through life and following a direct path toward the life God created you to be.

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