Spring to Life now S2L Recovery!

Spring to Life
is happy to announce
we will now be known as

and can be found on the web at s2lrecovery.org.  This is exciting for us as we are witnessing an incredible season of growth and new opportunities. This new season births as our partnership has come to a close with Addiction Campuses(AC).  AC and S2L have walked beside each other for 3 great years and S2L is so grateful for the professional relationships and people God has brought to us through AC.  The growth that S2L Recovery is experiencing can only be explained as “God ordained” and we are humbled by the opportunity to stand and shout the message of hope that you can absolutely recover from addiction.

If you have followed/liked/rated our Spring 2 Life Ministries Facebook page please go and do the same at our new S2L Recovery Facebook page because we will only be operating from the S2L Recovery page moving forward. Please also follow us on Twitter and G+.

A message from our CEO Adam Comer:

“I am absolutely astonished with how God continues to bless and grow S2L Recovery (S2L). God has prepared us for this season of growth, and it is incredible to watch Him heal so many from addiction. Although S2L see’s incredible stories of freedom and redemption the sad reality is that addiction related deaths has reached alarming epidemic proportions in this country. Estimates show that drug overdoses will be one of the top ten killers of Americans from 2016.  The official stats will come out in December of this year.

Why is drug overdose killing so many people?

I believe one of the reasons S2L Recovery has been so successful is because we don’t teach a ‘program’, but a different way of life found only through Christ. The recovery message for many years for those struggling with addiction has been, “once an addict, always an addict”, and that recovery is just a daily remission. This is something I refuse to believe. Not only is there recovery from addiction, but through Christ, you can have absolute freedom from addiction and be something so much more than an addict.

All of us can be warriors opposing this epidemic and it’s time to take a stand and fight!

Not fighting against people but standing up to this thing that is killing our brothers and sisters, and saying “no more”. God has called S2L Recovery to do just that, we will not be discouraged or afraid, we will not be quite about incredible things God is doing with broken people, and we will not allow shame to keep people in bondage. The way you can help us fight and say “no more” is by helping through donation, commitment to daily prayer, and building relationships with others who share your heart for the broken.

KNOW this, if you or your family member is struggling with addiction, THERE IS HOPE!!!”