Operational Funds

$2,500 Raised
$10,000 Target

Operational Fund

25% funded
$ 200
Personal Info

Donation Total: $200

As a 501c3 nonprofit, we operate solely on donations from donors, fundraising events and student tuition fees. Everything the ministry has budgeted is geared towards the student and what will make a successful experience for rehabilitation from addiction. This includes: programing materials, staffing, property expenses, transportation needs, meals, activities, etc.

What your donation is funding:

  • Providing lodging, 3 meals a day, programing and resources for students accomplish their goals for recovery
  • Ongoing support for the operations of staffing, utilities property expenses and transportation
  • Rehabilitation for broken lives caused by addiction
  • Sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ

How the costs break down per student (based on a 20 bed facility) :

  • $35 provides student activities for 30 days for 1 student
  • $75 provides transportation for 30 days for 1 student
  • $150 provides lodging for 3o days for 1 student
  • $340 Provides 3 meals a day for 30 days for 1 student
  • $1,200 are operational costs for 30 days for 1 student
  • $1,600 provides 24/7 staffing for 30 days for 1 student
  • $2,600 provides one-on-one pastoral counseling,
    recovery coaching and teachers for 14 classes a week
    for 30 days for 1 student
    = $6,000 for total tuition cost for 1 student for 30 days

We need your help to maintain these operational needs from month to month and we take seriously the stewardship of God’s blessings for our ministry. Mostly that looks like His Spirit working within others who God is calling to help support the ministry. Prayerfully ask God what he’s put on your heart to make a donation today and help us reach our goals. God bless.