Catapult is a community addiction recovery group that meets every Thursday night. Everyone is welcome including S2L Recovery Alumni and the public. We will have a music worship session led by staff followed by a message of hope presented by one of our pastors about what God has to say about our broken lives and how we are to be restored, endure and no longer be identified with the old self. Please join us and see how God is breaking the chains of addiction and saving souls.

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S2L Recovery–Catapult

LifePoint Church–Riverdale
307 Warrior Drive
Murfreesboro, TN 37128

Please review these past episodes and share with others:
Pastor Adam Comer discusses racial division and biblical reconciliation

Pastor Bruce Stanley brings a message of hope.

Josh Epifanio led a beautiful night of Worship and Pastor Ron Anderson brought a great word of encouragement.

Pastor Corey Trimble from Experience Community Church

Pastor Bruce Stanley discusses “Just As I Am”

Pastor Ron Anderson brings a message of hope!

Pastor Adam Comer calls on Christians to act like biblical Christians

Pastor Bruce Stanley discusses entering into God’s rest

Pastor Ron Anderson brings a message of hope A Stimulus of a Godly Nature

Pastor Adam Comer brings a Good Friday message of Hope!

Pastor Bruce Stanley discusses the importance of God’s Word

Pastor Ron Anderson discusses not bowing to pressure

Peace in the midst of Covid-19

This Catapult was special. Special music by the Perryman Sisters, an original song written by current students, and Pastor Adam Strayer brought the message! Awesome night of worship.

Robert Jansinski and Ryan Chidester bring a word of HOPE!

Pastor Ron Anderson brings a message of hope discussing how we must die to ourselves so that we may truly live.

Pastor Adam discusses what TRUE BIBLICAL FREEDOM is

Pastor Bruce talks about the trials we face

Pastor Ron discusses letting the truth out way your opinion

Sarah Keel, TDMHSAS Regional Faith Based Community Coordinator for East TN, shares an incredibly powerful testimony of hope.

Saved for Purpose not just Pews

Pastor Adam cast 2020 Vision while explaining S2L’s Theology and Philosophy on addiction.

Pastor Bruce brings a Christmas message about the Greatest Truth Ever Told.

Pastor Ron discusses the truth and power of what God says about you.

Pastor Adam brings in the Christmas season and declares Freedom in Christ

Pastor Bruce talks about the promises of God!

Pastor Ron brings a message about trusting God

Pastor Adam discusses believing the promises of God and being Bold

Pastor Bruce brings a strong message of truth and hope!

Pastor Adam discusses the beauty of the Gospel!

Pastor Bruce talks apologetics!

Pastor Ron Anderson talks about the Gift of God!

Pastor Adam ask the question do you believe what you say you believe?

Pastor Adam discusses the will of God.

Pastor Adam discusses a Step Study (No not the 12 steps)

Pastor Bruce brings a powerful Holy Spirit message

Pastor Ron discusses Pregnant with a Promise

Pastor Bruce brings a message of hope “Here I Am”

Pastor Ron discusses “Help My Unbelief”

Pastor Adam Comer discusses the impossible love of God in the face of addiction.

Pastor Adam Comer discusses Revival Part 2. Not looking at the world outside the Church, looking at the believer inside.

Pastor Bruce brings a message of hope regarding a pure heart. (Adult topics are discussed)

Former MLB player Brett Carroll brings a message of hope to Catapult (Powerful ending)

Pastor Adam discusses the foundation of Freedom in Christ from Romans 6

Pastor Bruce discusses the power in YIELDING.

Pastor Ron Anderson talks about preparing our hearts for worship!

Pastor Adam Comer discusses Good Friday leading to Freedom.

Pastor Bruce Stanley discusses the “undertow”

Pastor Ron brings a powerful message of hope.

Pastor Adam Comer ask the absurd question “Do You Really Want This?”

Pastor Bruce brings a message of hope “Not in Vain”

Pastor Chad Conn brings a strong word about getting back in the fight.

Pastor Bruce Stanley discusses turning from God to cheap substitutes

Pastor Adam discusses being bold as a lion during heavy seasons.

Pastor Ron brings a strong message of Hope!


Pastor Bruce tells the greatest story ever told.

Pastor Adam discusses why S2L proclaims that there is absolute freedom from addiction

Pastor Ron dives into the importance of staying focused.

Pastor Bruce teaches on the true fight.

Pastor Adam discusses the dangers of unrest

Pastor Ron talks about a check up from the neck up

Pastor Bruce discusses “Tis the Season”

Pastor Adam talks about “But God,” at Christmas

Pastor Bruce discusses The Way, God’s or Man’s

God can use the addiction epidemic to spark a revival!

Pastor Bruce Discusses Thanksgiving to God

Special Guest Speaker Catapult

Special Guest Alumni Testimony

Pastor Adam discusses How we are to “Lay it all Down”

Pastor Ron Discusses Conform/Bad – Transform/Good

Pastor Bruce discusses “Misplaced Potential”

Pastor Adam discusses “patiently endure”

Pastor Ron discusses ” Is there someone to guide me?”

Pastor Bruce discusses why it is FAIR

Pastor Adam discusses what true freedom is

Pastor Ron discusses what to do when the water rises

Pastor Bruce discusses The Helper

Pastor Adam’s Catapult message changes after his encounter with Mormon missionaries

Pastor Ron discusses Public Opinions

Pastor Bruce discusses the economy of God.

Pastor Adam gives a message of hope “Are you Ready” (Sorry for the technical difficulties at the end and the message cut short)

Pastor Adam speaks at a missions conference in Knoxville TN