“WORDS” are videos that inspire and encourage us. We call them WORDS because they are derived from God’s word (truth) and presented by our staff at S2L to continue teaching our alumni and to anyone who is thirsty for God’s truth. We hope you’ll use this video resource for encouragement in your recovery walk, growth in your faith and knowledge and wisdom in life according to the Kingdom of God and following Christ. We hope that you will use these videos as reminders to not lose heart, stay strong and to share with others to do the same.

Please share these videos with others who might need a word of encouragement.

Encouragement in the trial

Of First Importance / 2018 update

Do Not Be Afraid

Pastor Adam discusses forgiving yourself

Pastor Adam discusses having to reap some things now that we sowed in the old life

Papa Bo discusses pressing on through the daily grind of life

Pastor Adam responds to the shooting in Las Vegas

Pastor Adam explains the real fight we are all in

Pastor Bruce has a conversation about “Self Control”

Pastor Bruce discusses the importance of “Your Story”

The Gospel

Pastor Bruce reminds us about the power of God!

Pastor Adam’s response to the State of TN overdose death statistics just released for 2016

Pastor Adam speaks about being “Bold as a Lion”

Emilio discusses waiting on the LORD

The Question is raised “do we really want it?”

Pastor Adam gives us encouraging WORDS on how to not hit a wall early in our walk with God.

Pastor Bruce speaks about our purpose in this new life and how to live out our new identity in Christ.

Pastor Adam tells his thoughts on behavior modification

Pastor Adam discusses what your identity is.

Pastor Adam tells us why we shouldn’t play games with addiction or anything else that stands in the way of complete recovery.