"This drug crisis is not just an Epidemic... It's a Pandemic"

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Our Vision

The vision behind The Forgotten Pandemic is to encourage the Church that addiction is not a surprise to God. We hope to embolden people and bring light to the very dark place of addiction. Our desire with this film to eradicate bondage, shame, and fear by proclaiming the Truth — There is absolute freedom from the chains of addiction!



When we first felt called to make this film our yes was on the table. With that said, making a quality film that is not “Christian Cheesy” is hard and costly work.


As we have entered the post-production phase of The Forgotten Pandemic here are the ways you can partner with us as we faithfully continue to work and publish this project.

1. Prayer – Please email us at and let us know that you will faithfully pray for this project and the people it will affect.

2. Promotion – Please email us at and let us know that you commit to sharing this project and asking your friends to do the same.

3. Financially – Our commitment to taking on this project is to put out the highest quality possible because of the seriousness of the subject and because we want to honor God with our best! We believe that Christian arts used to be the best in the world and somewhere along the way we have surrendered that to the secular world. It is our commitment to work hard and invest to make sure this project is the best.


Any donation toward this project is very much appreciated!



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We are acknowledging that COVID-19 is also a pandemic.