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Our Approach to Faith Based Recovery Programs

Our Approach

Non-12-Step Rehabilitation & Recovery

Rehabilitation centers, anonymous support groups for addicts and recovery programs have been around for decades aiding those struggling with drug and alcohol addiction. Through in-patient and out-patient programs, individuals have overcome vast amounts of destructive behavior and have grown into leading a more wholesome, fulfilling life. However, throughout the years, other options for addiction recovery have come to fruition. The S2L Recovery curriculum encompasses a Non-12-Step Rehab Program pulling away from traditional approaches to expand on each individual’s recovery journey. This recovery curriculum helps set our Christian addiction recovery programs apart and gives us an edge in helping you achieve the lasting wellness you deserve. Learn more about our faith based recovery programs today.

Understanding the Array of Addiction Recovery Programs

The options for addiction recovery can be daunting and overwhelming. Factors, such as the type of addiction, have a strong influence on the makeup of the recovery program. It’s crucial for addicts and their loved ones to truly understand the depths of each variety when researching a program that will be a good fit. In the last few decades, many former addicts have worked to craft fresh rehabilitation programs, hoping to help others the way they were guided.

Some faith based recovery programs focus more on spiritual healing while others prioritize science and cognitive development in order for patients to recover from their addiction. Within each of these Christian addiction recovery programs, there are specially catered therapeutic strategies in place to nourish and guide the addicts to a full recovery. A handful of the most well-known addiction recovery programs or therapy integrations include:

A men’s group therapy session during one of our faith based recovery programs.

Science-Based Addiction Recovery Programs

Focusing on scientific evidential recovery tactics, science-based, also known as evidence-based, addiction rehab does center around Non-12-Step foundational outlooks. This practice is based on preliminary research acquiring methods for recovery through formulated tests, measurements, and analytical results.

In addition, science-based programs frequently blend holistic approaches with evidence-based practices for comprehensive treatment. 

A man enjoys a one on one counseling session during one of our faith based recovery programs.

Spiritual-Based 12-Step Rehab Organizations

This approach to addiction rehabilitation is seen in some of the most well-known recovery programs such as Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), Narcotics Anonymous (NA), Cocaine Anonymous (CA), and in recent years, Heroin Anonymous (HA). These programs utilize 12-step rehabilitation fundamentals and practices. 

These programs also emphasize letting go of control to a higher power of one’s choosing. Twelve-step recovery programs can be found in nearly every community in the United States.

A man talks to a counselor during one of our Faith based recovery programs.

Faith-Based Addiction Rehabilitation Centers

Stepping away from the 12-step approach and bringing in the support of faith and community, faith-based recovery programs have grown in popularity due to the rising success of recovery for addicts.

A foundational belief within these programs is people don’t need to be addicts their entire lives. It’s a battle that can be won with confidence in God’s Word which leads to a relationship found in Jesus Christ in providing lasting Freedom from addiction.

faith based recovery programs and detox center in Nashville, TN
Christian Addiction Treatment & Recovery

Key Components of our Non-12-Step Program

Understanding all available recovery options is a foundational step for addicts and can help lead them toward an addiction-free life. With the Non-12-Step program, key elements are designed to prioritize personal growth, expansion, and healing, as well as focus on the support from the program’s community. Common key components of a Non-12-Step rehab program include:

  1. Utilizes growth principles that empower the person to not see himself as what he has done but who he has become, a new creation in Christ Jesus
  2. Learn the forgiveness in one’s new life in Christ and press toward a better life in Christ
  3. Its foundation isn’t based on successful percentages but instead on testimonial experiences
  4. Incorporates a pre-existing community-based model for immediate aftercare support


Non-12-Step Drug & Alcohol Rehab vs. Traditional Rehab

When an addict is finally ready to accept their situation and lean towards rehabilitation, it’s an encouraging moment, especially for their loved ones. They are making strides to move past an addictive lifestyle. Whatever program an addict chooses the end goal is still the same; to find freedom from the burden of addiction. However, the approach, strategy, teachings, and other factors separate traditional rehab from a Non-12-Step program.

S2L’s Non-12-Step Recovery Program

Growth Principles

Identifies with present/future and who God says we are in Him

Values are biblical truths / absolute truth

Uses a pre-existing community-based aftercare support, church fellowship

Traditional 12-Step Programs

Behavior Modification

Asked to identify with past “Hello, My Name is Bob, and I’m an addict”

Values are based on group-agreed traditions / subjective truth

Support is based on available program groups/meetings

Begin Faith-Based Recovery Today

Our faith-based approach to addiction recovery can help you find purpose in life through the word of God and the teachings of Jesus. Contact us today to begin your journey.

Why Choose a Faith-Based Non-12-Step Christian Rehab Program

From the start, S2L Recovery begins with the healing Words of God. The “non-12 step” concept of their program is that it’s not created by science and philosophy–it comes from scripture! The 7 Principles outline HOW to live a lasting, impactful life that the service recipients relate to, not because they’re addicts seeking recovery, but because they are human beings seeking acceptance, belonging, and purpose in life from a fullness that comes from faith in God.

By focusing on God’s Word to guide addicts into sobriety, our faith based recovery programs sheds layers of wounds allowing a successful lifelong recovery to blossom. Combined with additional help from licensed therapists and medical professionals, addicts get the well-rounded treatment they need for long-lasting recovery.

In the last few decades, loved ones of addicts and addicts themselves realized the need to break out of the conventional rehabilitation approach. There was a need to evolve the traditional components of a 12-step addiction recovery program into something with more depth and longevity. The alternative programs that are now offered have opened up so many doors and opportunities for addiction recovery and branches out beyond the preliminary rehab methods.

Our team at S2L Recovery believes that addiction commonly stems from an individual seeking an escape from another factor in their life. We also understand that addiction commonly stems from an individual looking to find fulfillment or avoid suffering in temporary.

These solutions begin as a way to get through the day or as an escape from factors in their life that are out of their control, and can quickly evolve into dependence and substance abuse. Through the recovery process we use during our faith based recovery programs, our service recipients learn that when the heart is wounded, the mind and body follow suit. While listening to the teachings of Christ and seeking the root cause of the addiction, recovery is seen in a whole new perspective. We know individuals are something more than just an “addict? and a Christian Non-12-Step addiction rehab program brings that to light.

Spirituality and faith are a powerful force connecting your recovery with the healing words of the Lord. This alternative approach to traditional recovery programs allows attendees to open up their hearts to more than just acceptance of an addiction. It sheds light on lifelong opportunities, the infinite power of a supernatural God, the importance of community and of course the fundamental teachings of Christ. With a focus on compassion, personalized recovery and a judgment-free environment, a Christian based recovery center for addiction rehab has led many people to a freeing, accomplished and promising life.

Two men enjoy a study session during one of our faith based recovery programs.
Our Recovery center in Nashville TN
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Learn More About Our Faith-Based Recovery Programs

When you surround yourself with a community of supporters, you can gain a bit of personal strength each and every day. At S2L Recovery we believe that you don’t have to be labeled an “addict” your whole life. We know that each person recovers from their addiction in a personalized, unique way and with a foundational faith-based framework, you can genuinely heal wounds and successfully transition to a lifetime of sobriety. Learn more about our faith based recovery programs today.

Our team is available 24/7 to guide you or your loved one through our program and process. We are here for each individual, as well as their family, and friends. We understand the seriousness of taking the first step toward recovery. If you or someone you love is suffering from an addiction please contact us today.