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Group Therapy

Our group therapy in Nashville, TN, is a crucial component of our effective addiction treatment program. Clients work with a licensed therapist during group therapy sessions. They are separated into small groups, allowing for more individualized attention and specialized focus. The therapist and the clients work collaboratively in a group setting. Together, they address various recovery-related topics, from relapse prevention techniques to developing a more stable and reliant relationship with Christ. 

At S2L Recovery, we incorporate individual therapy into our comprehensive, Christ-centered treatment program. Our Joint Commission-accredited, all-male residential and detox center is located in the beautiful hills of Middle Tennessee. We focus on helping our clients heal from the devastation of the addiction and bringing them closer to Christ. Contact us today to learn more about our addiction treatment center.

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What is Group Therapy?

Group therapy is a type of talk therapy during which clients meet in a group and discuss pertinent topics under the supervision of a licensed therapist. Several fundamental mechanisms make group therapy an ideal treatment option for substance use disorders and related issues. These include:

  • The installation of hope. Clients benefit from seeing their peers succeed and grow. 
  • Peer support and encouragement. Clients improve self-esteem by helping one another, and they learn that their insight is valuable to others. 
  • The development of social skills and socialization. Clients learn how to communicate with one another in healthy and productive ways, and they learn to calmly and effectively resolve any conflict that should arise. 
  • Imparting information. Clients gain valuable information on addiction and on the role that faith plays in the recovery process. They gain insight from their peers and from the group facilitator. 
  • Self-understanding and the correction of maladaptive coping mechanisms. Clients gain a more thorough understanding of their behaviors and thought patterns and the ways in which one influences the other. 

At S2L, we focus on mental and emotional healing in a group setting while actively helping our clients foster a deeper connection with Christ. We offer special group workshops that center around Biblical teachings and how these teachings can help our clients live principled and selfless lives in recovery. 

Different Types of Group Therapy 

There are several different types of group therapy. At S2L, we incorporate several effective group therapy techniques, providing our clients with the comprehensive care they need to begin thriving in all areas of their lives. We offer the following types of group therapy in Nashville:

  • Psychoeducational Groups  — The therapist acts as an educator during psychoeducational group sessions. Clients learn about many things, from the Disease Model of Addiction to the relationship between total abstinence and God. 
  • Biblical Teachings Workshops — At S2L, we use the teachings of the Bible as a guiding light, helping our clients walk the road to recovery while building upon Christian principles.  
  • Skills Development Groups — In many cases, people who struggle with addiction lack the skills they need to excel in their day-to-day lives. Skills development groups focus on teaching necessary life skills. 
  • Cognitive-Behavioral Groups — This type of group therapy helps clients identify negative patterns of thinking and the ways in which thoughts influence behavioral patterns. 
  • Support Groups — Support groups help clients who might be a little farther along in their addiction recovery journeys. They offer more specialized care for a specific issue. For example, a support group might focus on fatherhood and the challenges it presents in the face of addiction recovery. 
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How to Maximize the Benefits of Group Therapy 

To maximize the benefits of group therapy, we recommend the following:

  • Attend every session with an open mind and an open heart. 
  • Prepare to learn new things and break through personal barriers that prevent positive growth and measurable change. 
  • Try to avoid giving advice and be open to the guidance and support of the licensed therapeutic practitioner facilitating the group sessions. 
  • Offer support and encouragement to peers, and be open to feedback and constructive criticism while avoiding defensiveness. 
  • Remain as present as possible, tapping into the experience of thoughts and feelings as they occur and sharing them openly with the group. 

Why Choose Spring 2 Life Recovery?

S2L Recovery is a Joint Commission-accredited, faith-based program for men that promotes pursuing Biblical principles and developing one’s faith for sustained recovery from drug addiction. Clients learn to apply Christian virtues to their lives and are provided a supportive environment by which they can achieve a sustained life of sobriety. 

The community-based program provides immediate aftercare support, helping clients navigate early recovery following treatment. Regardless of the personal views of a client, our program offers a practical model for personal growth and the development of the skills necessary to thrive in a life of recovery. 

Our Christ-Centered Clinical Program

S2L offers a residential treatment program in which clients attend group workshops to learn the teachings of Christ and apply them to their recovery journey. Clients attend off-campus church services and are encouraged to develop strong networks of like-minded peers within the church and the local recovery community. As clients progress through their treatment plan, they dive deeper into Biblical principles while exploring personal freedom and responsibility.

Recreation is an important component of our clinical program. Clients enjoy outdoor excursions to local state parks, as well as canoeing, paintball excursions, and time spent at an off-campus gym. Finally, therapeutic intervention plays an essential role in our addiction treatment. In addition to group therapy in Nashville, clients also participate in individual and family therapy sessions, healing mentally and emotionally. 

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Begin Christ-Centered Group Therapy in Nashville Today 

The mission of S2L Recovery is to illuminate the life of freedom that is offered through Christ using biblical training, innovative pastoral counseling, and residential discipleship. S2L Recovery is a Christian-based addiction recovery treatment center featuring medically monitored detoxification and residential treatment. At S2L Recovery, we work with men of all ages who have been struggling with addiction and who are seeking an entirely new way of living.

Contact us today to learn more about our addiction treatment and group therapy in Nashville, Tennessee. Realign with Christ and begin healing today. 

Faith-Based Rehab in Nashville, TN

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Spring2Life Recovery is here to lift you out of the darkness through the teachings of Christ and the word of God. Begin your recovery from addiction today.