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Faith-based Addiction Treatment in Nashville, TN

What We Treat

Professional S2L Trusted Treatments

Spring 2 Life Recovery is a faith-based program for men that promotes pursuing Biblical principles and developing faith for sustained recovery from drug addiction. Clients learn to apply 7 Christian virtues to their lives and are provided with a robust and supportive environment by which they can achieve a life of sobriety. Our Nashville, Tennessee, addiction treatment center offers medically monitored detoxification services and a longer-term residential treatment program.

If you or someone you love has been battling addiction and is looking for a long-term solution and an entirely new way of life, S2L Recovery can help. Our Joint Commission-accredited, all-male residential and detox center is located in the beautiful hills of Middle Tennessee. We focus on helping our clients heal from the devastation of the addiction and bringing them closer to Christ. Contact us today to learn more about addiction treatment in Nashville, Tennessee, or begin your healing journey.

Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol addiction affects all areas of life. Whether an alcohol use disorder is mild, moderate, or severe, related consequences can be devastating. At S2L, we treat alcoholism utilizing a unique faith-based approach. We help our clients develop the skills they need to maintain abstinence long-term while building beautiful and fulfilling lives in recovery.

Drug Addiction

At S2L, we specialize in treating drug addictions of all types and severities. Tennessee has been devastated by the recent opioid epidemic. We offer opioid addiction treatment options, including medication-assisted treatment. However, we treat drug addictions of all kinds, including heroin, prescription painkillers, methamphetamine, benzodiazepines, and cocaine.

Dual diagnosis treatment

Dual Diagnosis Disorders

A dual diagnosis occurs when a person simultaneously struggles with an addictive disorder and a mental health concern. We offer specialized treatment for dual-diagnosis clients, providing psychiatric services, medication management, and mental health-focused therapies. Most commonly, we treat clients with substance use disorders and co-occurring mental health concerns like anxiety or depression.

Begin Faith-Based Recovery Today

Our faith-based approach to addiction recovery can help you find purpose in life through the word of God and the teachings of Jesus. Contact us today to begin your journey.

A man reads scripture as part of Addiction treatment in Nashville, TN.

How We Treat Addiction and Mental Health

At S2L, we take a Christ-centered approach to addiction treatment in Nashville, Tennessee. Our clinical program centers around the importance of a strong reliance on God and the development of life skills and coping mechanisms that lead to a more principled life. While we base our clinical program on Biblical teachings, our program is designed for individuals of all belief systems. Recovery is available to everyone who seeks it. 

Intensive Therapy

At our Christ-centered addiction treatment in Nashville, TN, therapeutic intervention takes on several different forms. We offer individual and group therapy sessions, all facilitated by licensed therapeutic professionals. We employ various evidence-based techniques, including cognitive-behavioral and dialectical behavior therapy. Additionally, we offer family therapy sessions designed to help restore healthy family dynamics and foster a stronger sense of connection among family members.

Christ-Centered Clinical Programming

Our Christ-centered program focuses on the importance of Biblical teachings in the context of addiction recovery. Christian healing is a lifelong process that occurs by the sovereign grace of God. Healing takes place through faith in Christ and the empowerment of the Holy Spirit. As we help our clients walk a path of comprehensive recovery, we guide them toward a stronger relationship with their Creator.
Peer Support

Peer Support

Peer support is a crucial component of the addiction recovery process. Clients work collaboratively with one another in a therapeutic and recreational setting. They learn to communicate directly, offering one another encouragement and support. They problem-solve together and ultimately foster friendships that will last long after treatment concludes.
Medical detox

Medical Detox

For those who have been struggling with addiction, medical detox serves as an essential initial step on the road to recovery. During detox, medical and clinical staff are on hand to assess and treat each client’s physical and mental needs. Vitals are taken regularly, and as soon as a withdrawal symptom develops, it is effectively treated, preventing the risk of health-related complications.

Residential Treatment

S2L offers a residential addiction treatment program during which clients attend group workshops, learn the teachings of Christ, and apply them to their personal recovery journeys. Our clients are encouraged to dive deeper into Biblical principles as their treatment journey progresses, exploring personal freedom and responsibility. Clients learn family and work skills such as financial stewardship, cooking, and leadership as husbands and fathers. An individual therapist is assigned to each residential program participant, who helps guide them through mental and emotional healing while helping foster a deeper spiritual connection and faith. We also have other licensed therapists on site, along with our dedicated medical staff in order to ensure that every participant’s needs are met in full.

Clients enjoy recreational activities as part of our residential program, including outdoor retreats to a local state park, canoeing, paintball excursions, and gym time. Additionally, clients regularly attend church services. Fellowship with other men in the program is encouraged, as peer support is critical to long-term recovery.

What Sets S2L Apart

S2L offers a Joint Commission-accredited program that focuses on mental, emotional, and spiritual healing through the teachings of Christ. In the beautiful hills of middle Tennessee on top of Short Mountain, men overcome their addiction free of judgment while growing in their faith, developing resolve, and increasing self-control. 

Our clinical program involves a community-based model and provides immediate aftercare support. Regardless of personal views, our integrated program offers practical growth models, teaching clients how to become functional members of society while maintaining a loving nature towards themselves and others. 

Faith-based Addiction Treatment in Nashville, TN

The mission of S2L Recovery is to illuminate the life of freedom that is offered through Christ using biblical training, innovative pastoral counseling, and residential discipleship. S2L Recovery is a Christian-based addiction recovery treatment center featuring medically monitored detoxification and residential treatment. At S2L Recovery, we work with men of all ages who have been struggling with addiction and who are seeking an entirely new way of living. Contact us today to learn more about our Christ-centered addiction treatment in Nashville, Tennessee. Realign with Christ and begin healing today.