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Off Campus Activities

Spring 2 Life Recovery is dedicated to providing compassionate care for addiction recovery in Nashville, helping individuals rebuild their lives with comprehensive support. Addiction recovery is a multi-pronged process that involves restoring physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. For most, active addiction devastates all areas of life. Physical health is compromised, and mental and emotional well-being suffer immensely. As addiction progresses, a person steps further and further away from their connection with God and with faith as a whole. Because of this, healing from addiction is a complex process. To fully recover, a person must address every area of life that was negatively impacted. 

Men engage in Bible study during addiction recovery in Nashville.

Off-Campus Activities

Our residential treatment center is centrally located, secluded in the hills of Tennessee, but within close proximity to everything the culturally diverse city of Nashville has to offer.  Addiction recovery in Nashville is a unique experience. The city itself is rich with recovery-friendly events and resources. Additionally, the city is home to over 400 churches, allowing clients to explore many different avenues to spiritual connection and establishing a stronger connection with Christ.

Furthermore, the natural landscape lends itself to many enriching outdoor excursions and activities. At S2L Recovery, we encourage clients to take advantage of everything Nashville offers. 

Our Recreation Center 

Our off-campus recreation center provides clients with the opportunity to partake in a variety of activities. The recreation center has a gym and a pool, which clients are taken to at least three times weekly. Clients are encouraged to play pickleball, which helps them learn teamwork, healthy communication, and conflict resolution. At S2L Recovery, we believe in the importance of physical activity as part of a comprehensive treatment program. 

Man playing pickleball returns a serve during off campus activities for addiction recovery,

Church Services 

Our Christ-centered program focuses on the importance of Biblical teachings in the context of drug and alcohol addiction recovery. Church services are a fundamental component of our off-campus offerings. Christian healing is a lifelong process that occurs by the sovereign grace of God. As we help our clients walk a path of comprehensive recovery, we guide them toward a stronger relationship with their Creator by connecting them with local houses of worship. 

Men participate in church services during addiction recovery program in Nashville.

Fun Group Activities 

We take our clients on regular outings, encouraging them to employ the coping skills they learned in treatment in a real-life setting. Examples of outings include bowling, trips to the movie theater, and paintball. If a recovery-friendly or Christian band is playing locally, clients might have the opportunity to attend a concert. We want to show our clients that addiction recovery is fun and fulfilling and that Nashville, Tennessee, is an ideal place to get sober. 

Man goes bowling during his addiction recovery program.

Outdoor Opportunities 

Tennessee is a beautiful state, full of lush forests, crystal clear bodies of water, and countless opportunities for outdoor recreation. We often take our clients outdoors for various activities, including kayaking or canoeing, floating the river, and hiking along one of many local trails. 

Man kayaking near Nashville, TN, during addiction recovery program.

The Importance of Recreational Involvement in Addiction Recovery

Recreational activities are an excellent tool for teaching individuals how to problem solve, achieve personal goals, socialize in sobriety, and handle high-stress situations without drugs or alcohol. Moreover, recreation provides a new avenue for comprehensive healing and overall change. Engaging in multiple activities at least once weekly improves mental and emotional well-being. Additionally, those with healthy outlets to work through stress and other uncomfortable emotions have higher odds of maintaining sobriety long-term. 

Our S2L addiction recovery in Nashville incorporates outdoor recreation with church services and faith-centered activities. We want to provide each of our clients with a well-rounded curriculum that focuses on integrated healing. 

Benefits of Off-Campus Activities 

Benefits of participating in off-campus excursions include:

  • Fostering a deeper connection with Christ during local church services
  • Meeting like-minded individuals of the same faith and building a strong community within the church
  • Developing deeper and more meaningful friendships with peers
  • Learning how to have fun in sobriety
  • Exploring new hobbies and creating structure in day-to-day life
  • Healing the mind, body, and spirit simultaneously
  • Building self-esteem and fostering a deeper sense of self-awareness
  • Understanding that challenges can be successfully overcome through faith and persistence

In summary, recreational involvement is a key component of effective addiction recovery programs. It provides essential benefits that support both the physical and psychological healing process, enhances social networks, and helps individuals develop new passions and rediscover old ones. Activities that stimulate the mind, body, and spirit are invaluable tools in the journey toward a healthy, sober life.

Two men hiking during recreational therapy in Nashville.

Christ-Centered Addiction Recovery in Nashville 

At S2L Recovery, we incorporate off-campus activities into our comprehensive, Christ-centered treatment program. We believe in providing our clients with various recreational opportunities, helping them heal holistically. Our Joint Commission-accredited, all-male residential and detox center is located in the beautiful hills of Middle Tennessee, a natural setting that lends itself to integrated recovery. We focus on helping our clients heal from the devastation of the addiction and bringing them closer to Christ. 

S2L Recovery is an excellent choice for anyone struggling with alcohol or drug addiction and looking for an entirely new way of living. While we incorporate Christ’s teachings into our addiction treatment program, our program is ideal for anyone struggling with problematic substance use and looking to live a more principled life. We believe that addiction is primarily a spiritual malady and that anyone can recover with the right tools and resources in place. 

Spring 2 Life is unlike any other addiction treatment center in Nashville. We provide practical, evidence-based treatment options while helping our clients foster a vital relationship with a higher power. The life of freedom offered through Christ is illuminated through a combination of Biblical training, medical supervision, evidence-based therapies, and peer support. Our clients learn to lift one another as they collectively work towards a better and brighter future. 

Begin Your Healing Journey With S2L Addiction Recovery in Nashville 

The mission of S2L Recovery is to illuminate the life of freedom that is offered through Christ using biblical training, innovative pastoral counseling, and residential discipleship. S2L Recovery is a Christian-based addiction recovery treatment center featuring medically monitored detoxification and residential treatment. At S2L Recovery, we work with men of all ages who have been struggling with addiction and who are seeking an entirely new way of living.

Contact us today to learn more about our Christ-centered addiction recovery in Nashville, Tennessee. Realign with Christ and begin healing today. 

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