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Thousands of good Americans from all walks of life become addicted to drugs and alcohol every year. Getting drunk or high dulls the mind and lowers inhibitions, making it much easier to fall into destructive behavior such as lying, stealing, and promiscuity. For those caught in this wicked cycle of addiction, a recovery coach in Nashville can help.

The Bible clearly warns of the dangers of intoxication. For example, 1 Peter 5:8: Be Alert and sober of mind. Your enemy, the devil, prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.” 

Intoxication can include any type of substance of abuse. In other words, Peter is warning people that insobriety is not what God wants for His children. 

If you are battling addiction and struggling to stay on the right path, a Spring 2 Life (S2L), our addiction recovery coaches in Nashville, are committed to your physical, mental, and spiritual recovery, which makes all the difference. With shared Christian faith and values, our addiction coaches will help get you back on the road, leading to love, prayer, forgiveness, and sobriety through the grace of Jesus Christ. 

What exactly is a Recovery Coach?

A recovery coach can help you or your loved one overcome the temptations of addiction regardless of background or beliefs. You’ll learn life skills to cope with difficult situations and relapse prevention techniques to implement daily. The temptations of addiction are everywhere. Additionally, they will help identify and address challenges in early recovery. From there, they’ll help you or a loved one set short-term and long-term recovery goals.

Additionally, recovery coaches help provide recovery resources and other health and well-being activities to keep you or your loved one sober and healthy through recovery and beyond. At S2L, our Christian recovery coaches (or spiritual coaches) are non-clinical professionals who apply biblical principles and scripture to those in addiction and their families who stand with them. They will help you identify triggers that can lead to relapse and remove them from your everyday life. Simultaneously, our addiction coaches will encourage you to discover your potential as a child of God while praying for you and promoting your healthy and successful recovery. 

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What a Recovery Coach is Not

A recovery coach in Nashville is not a therapist, psychologist, or doctor. Nor are they a church pastor or high religious leader. Furthermore, they’re not a medical professional but a support professional.

A recovery coach generally provides more comprehensive support to individuals in various stages of recovery from addiction. They may work with clients in any setting, including those who are not in a sober living environment. Recovery coaches often help clients set and achieve goals, develop coping skills, navigate challenges, and access resources and support networks.

While recovering, you may also hear the terms sober living coach and addiction recovery coach. While these terms are sometimes used interchangeably with the term recovery coach, here’s a general distinction:

  • Sober Living Coach: This type of coach typically focuses on helping individuals who are living in a structured sober living environment or transitioning out of a treatment program. They may support managing daily life, finding employment, building healthy routines, and avoiding relapse triggers in a specific living situation.
  • Addiction Recovery Coach: This term may also refer to a professional who helps individuals recover from addiction, but it can sometimes imply a more specialized focus on the addiction itself and the specific strategies for overcoming it. Addiction recovery coaches work closely with clients to develop personalized recovery plans and provide ongoing support and accountability.

Ultimately, the roles and responsibilities of these professionals can vary, and some individuals may still use the terms interchangeably based on their specific approach and the needs of their clients.

A Christian recovery coach holds you accountable to your goals and biblical principles. Ultimately, your coach is a pillar of faith and support during weak moments. Whether you need a sober living coach or an addiction recovery coach in Nashville, your coach will motivate you and help keep you on the path to sobriety

Who Benefits From a Recovery Coach in Nashville?

It’s best to seek help in the early stages of recovery if you or a loved one do not require intensive, live-in care. Anybody needing support during recovery from a difficult habit, particularly addiction, can benefit from a recovery coach. 

Once you enter the S2L program, you will be assigned an individual recovery coach who has been where you have been. A professional and empathetic coach who shares your values will help you navigate your recovery journey. At that point, a trained and compassionate recovery coach will offer personalized one-on-one support to help you adjust to a healthy lifestyle with a low rehab risk. 

A  recovery coach offers many tools and techniques to  help keep you focused and on the path to recovery:

  • Serve as a role model for positive behavior
  • Help you set goals and create a plan
  • Keep you accountable
  • Support your goals and objectives
  • Guidance to resources
  • Follow up on your progress
  • Encouragement in rebuilding damaged relationships
  • Assistance navigating the medical and rehab system
  • Accompaniment to meetings and activities
  • Help with life skills
  • Presenting relapse reduction techniques 
  • A friend and confidant 24/7

Additionally, a Christian coach, such as one from S2L in Nashville, will offer spiritual guidance, prayer, and encouragement with help from the Lord at a level that is comfortable for you. You’ll have someone to talk to and pray with when you need it. The frequency of coaching sessions depends on the individual needs of each client. Sessions can be done over the phone, electronically, or on-site at the client’s convenience. 

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Meet Your Christlike Recovery Coach in Nashville Today

Everyone with an addiction, no matter what kind, deserves the opportunity to turn their life around with grace and dignity. At S2L in Nashville, our compassionate and empathetic team walks with you and helps you tackle your addiction head-on with prayer and understanding. You are never alone in your lifelong quest for sobriety. With Christ and His teachings leading the way, your recovery coach in Nashville will help you overcome the challenges and struggles you’ll face in the recovery journey.

Before you know it, you’ll return to the purpose-driven, addiction-free life God wants you to have.

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