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Top Reasons to Consider Checking into Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Recovering from alcohol or drug addiction is hard work. Healing and becoming truly rehabilitated requires ongoing effort, and this constant need to work may feel challenging at times – but you don’t have to do it alone. One of the greatest benefits of checking into a drug and alcohol program is immediate access to support and expertise when you need it most.

The Detox Process

The detox process is the beginning of many rehab programs. Why do addicts need to detox? When you become addicted to alcohol or drugs your body starts to rely on having these chemicals in your system, even if they are detrimental to your health and well-being.

Once you stop using, your brain reacts to the lower level or complete lack of the chemicals it has become used to. The results vary, but some of these withdrawal symptoms can be severe, both physically and mentally.

At S2L Recovery, we ensure that you’re not alone when you’re going through detox. At the same time, we introduce the healing words of God into our program right from the start. This is what sets our detox process apart from traditional approaches.

Therapy Options

Choosing to check into a professional alcohol and drug rehab center gives you access to a choice of professional therapy options. Most rehabilitation centers offer individual, behavioral, and family-based treatment options throughout your rehab program. Of course, it is possible to combine them. Many people benefit from combining individual therapy sessions with family sessions.

This combined approach allows you to spend the time you need to work on your recovery, whilst also allowing your loved ones into the process. Having a supportive, knowledgeable environment when you’re trying to overcome addiction can greatly contribute to your success. That is why including family members and other loved ones is often very productive.

When someone becomes addicted to drugs or alcohol, they often develop detrimental behaviors. Recognizing those and replacing them with more positive alternatives is part of behavioral therapy. The S2L team also places a high value on including spirituality and faith in your treatment.

Aftercare Planning

Recovery from addiction does not end when you leave the premises. In fact, for many (former) addicts, recovery remains a life-long task. That is why we believe you deserve more than a traditional 12-step program.

Our approach is founded on a deeply held belief that most addictions stem from a desire to escape something challenging in your life. However, finding lasting happiness and fulfillment requires more than a temporary escape route. The teachings of Christ offer you an entirely new perspective of the future. They highlight lifelong opportunities and infinite chances to grow within a supportive community. We believe that anchoring your recovery in this environment is the key to a freeing and promising life after rehab.

By embracing this approach, you take your support system with you even after you leave our center and benefit from access to community-based church fellowship.

Rehab Can Save Your Life

Rehab can save your life. This may sound like a big claim, but as the number of deaths from drug overdoses in the United States continues to grow, it is certainly true. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), more than 100,000 people died from drug overdoses in 2021. This number represents an increase of almost 15% from the previous year.

You or your loved ones don’t need to become another statistic. Entering rehab sets you on a path to recovery in a supportive, non-judgmental environment. We also recognize how destructive addiction can be for your relationships. Committing to an effective rehab program is a great way to start repairing those damaged connections and creating new ones.

Consider a Faith-Based Rehab Program

A faith-based rehab program allows you to set your sights firmly on the future. Rather than focusing on behavior modification alone, we emphasize growth principles. The difference is critical – rather than finding another escape route, our system offers you something bigger to become an integral part of.

You gain a community that is there for you when you need support. More importantly, though, you root your recovery in the word of God, guiding your sobriety in eternity. It’s a powerful foundation for lifelong recovery. Contact us today to learn more.


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